Unsmudgeable: The difference between seeing and seeing clearly

Unsmudgeable: The difference between seeing and seeing clearly

Unsmudgeable: The difference between seeing and seeing clearly

Our revolutionary lens coating provides a lifetime of clear vision

Set new industry standards and gain an unprecedented competitive edge in the eyewear industry

The Unsmudgeable Value:
Anti-smudge eyewear lens coating

Unmatched Visual Clarity

The coating ensures consistent, smudge-free vision - great for all lens wearers and crucial for professionals in high-stakes occupations

Long-lasting Durability

Our advanced formula resists daily wear and tear, offering one-time application for the lifetime of the lenses

Manufacturing Advantage

Manufacturing Advantage

Manufacturing Advantage

Easy to integrate into existing production lines, Unsmudgeable adds to manufacturers' products without significant additional costs

- No new equipment
- Similar deposition and curing methods
- Comparable curing times

Anti-smudge eyewear lens coating

Addressing the traditional eyewear challenges

Insufficient Coating Options

Traditional Methods

Current coatings under deliver on anti-smudge abilities by only protecting lenses from oils

Our Approach

Unsmudgeable's coating not only protects your eyewear but also ensures constant end user visibility 24/7

Eyestrain Dilemma

Enduring blurred vision due to smudging often leads to uncomfortable and harmful eye strain, reducing focus and productivity

Hands-Free Hurdle

In many scenarios, your hands are occupied, making it impractical and inconvenient to wipe off lens smudges continuously

Anti-smudge eyewear lens coating

Advanced support for specialty users


Precision Meets Clarity in the Operating Room

Unsmudgeable ensures your vision remains unobstructed during critical procedures, allowing you to focus on what matters most

Construction Workers

Construct with Confidence, See with Clarity

Experience uninterrupted vision on the job site with our anti-smudge lens coating, enhancing your productivity and safety

Military Personnel

Clear Vision, Clear Victory

With Unsmudgeable, maintain clear sight in the most demanding conditions, enhancing your performance and safety

PFAS free - Healthy Vision, Healthy Planet

Align with Unsmudgeable's environmentally friendly solution to the eyewear industry's 200,000 gallons of annual PFAS waste

Our PFAS-free lens coating offers superior visual clarity, supports customer health, and promotes sustainable manufacturing


What is Unsmudgeable?

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Unsmudgeable: The anti-smudge eyewear lens coating that means the difference between seeing and seeing clearly


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